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About Me

I don't remember a time when I didn't have a camera of some sort.  My early days in photography involved processing in dark rooms, the old fashioned way.  Raising three children took me away from photos for a chunk of years as the world transitioned to digital images.

With children grown, I returned to the art of photography but with new tools (digital equipment and a drone!) and a strong drive to capture images that record the essence of the peacefulness in a misty sunrise, the charm of a crooked smile or the suspense of a racer taking off from the starting line.

Professionally I am available to take photos of almost anything, even from the air! 


603-300-0219  (Sometimes easier to reach me via text message)

My day job is a lawyer so don't let the recorded message surprise you!

472 State Route 111, Suite B2, Hampstead, NH 03841